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4 steps to bringing Montessori into your home

Updated: Jan 31

There's a lot of information out there about Montessori for you to read, listen to or watch and it can be really overwhelming and leaving you questioning where to even start. It's understandable. But bringing Montessori into your home does not need to be overwhelming.

There is lots of different ways to bring Montessori into your home but in this post I'm going to outline 4 simple steps to help you make your home more Montessori.


Yes, you read that right. The first step is the easiest and arguably the most crucial step in making your home more Montessori and that starts with you. If you know a little about Montessori you'll know that we do not subscribe to a lot of conventional parenting techniques. (If you want to learn more about Montessori, click here)

Your role of authoritarian is going to change to a role of a guide. You are there to teach, support and provide a development rich environment. There is lots and lots of information out there about positive discipline and gentle parenting, but I recommend the book How to talk so little kids will listen by Joanna Faber and Julie King. Its a perfect starting point to learn more about positive discipline and also has really logical everyday examples.

You will also learn to observe your child without judgement or preconceived notions in order to assess their developmental needs and current interests to prepare the environment to nourish their current stage. A common saying in the Montessori community is "Follow the child". In order to do that you need to learn the art of observation Montessori is a journey for the parent as much as it is for the child, and you will never stop learning and developing!


I know, you have enough housework to do, trust me I get it. BUT...It is very important to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Young children crave order. I know it may not seem that way when there is toys everywhere but they really do.

What I mean here by declutter is not to do deep cleaning all over your house, but to declutter their toys, toy storage and areas that could become purposeful for the next step. Get rid of all those battery powered flashy toys, yes they may hold your kids attention and keep them quiet for 5 minutes, but they don't have any developmental benefit and takes away the opportunity for them to learn how to truly entertain themselves and LEARN.

Get rid of toy bins, you know those ones where you throw every toy possible into one storage unit. That is disorderly and causes extra mess, extra frustration and can be too overwhelming to a child. As well as it can destroy any chance of them building their concentration because it is too distracting. Instead go for low open shelving where you can rotate less than 10 toys based on their current development and change it as and when their interested and developmental needs change. We use a cube type shelf

Prepare the environment for independence

Independence is a large part of Montessori. Allowing young children to be independent and learn how to do things for themselves is amazing for their confidence and also allows them to explore life skills that a lot of children these days don't get the opportunity to learn. I'm going to give a few examples of ways you could foster independence in the home, but these are not exhaustive!

So I'm going to split this into a room by room format.

Kitchen: provide child safe and child size tools, provide cups, plates and cutlery they can access themselves, a safe step stool or learning tower for them to independently reach countertop height.

Bathroom: Provide step to reach sink, put their toothbrush and toothpaste where they can reach, have a low mirror they can see themselves in.

Bedroom: low bed they can independently get in and out of, low shelf with a few toys and books for quiet time, light switch extenders

Play area: Low open shelving for toy rotation, safe child sized cleaning supplies they can use independently, basket or front facing bookcase for them to easily reach and choose books.

Practical life

Practical life work is one of the most important and enjoyable areas of Montessori and its an area that you can start doing straight away. Practical life is defined by all the activities you do in daily life and skills you learn in daily life. For example. cleaning, cooking, gardening etc. These are things you are already doing everyday and that your young child will already be watching you do and wanting to join.

You've probably experienced it yourself where you suddenly see your child doing something you do all the time and you've never even noticed them watching you do it. In Montessori we INVITE the child to join us, learn the process, learn the skills and eventually do these things independently.

It helps to have child sized tools and items but its definitely not compulsory to start with. For example most young children absolutely love watching you do the laundry and they can absolutely get involved, they may pull the laundry out, or press the button to start it, or match some socks or all of the above. Observe where their interest lies and find a way for them to be able to achieve it safely and independently as possible.

My son Jax is 2, and he can do a full load of laundry with all the steps from start to finish completely independently because he showed an interest and I allowed him the opportunity to join me and learn.

Absolutely there is much more to Montessori if you want to explore it, and maybe you already know about Montessori and just don't know where to start. But hopefully this post helps you to get started and takes away some of the overwhelm of bringing Montessori into your home.

Even if you don't want to fully incorporate Montessori into your home, or even at all. I would still recommend these 4 things to every parent to make their home a little more suitable for the developing young child.

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases through links on this page at no cost to you :)

I believe Montessori is for EVERYBODY! and i want to help everybody make their lives and home a little more Montessori.

Montessoraus mama. x

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