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DIY Montessori Binomial Cube

The binomial cube is a genius invention in my humble opinion. Whilst it is a colour matching puzzle block of sorts for the 3-6 range, it also represents a mathematical equation, which is (a + b)³ = (a + b) (a + b) (a + b) = a³ + 3a²b + 3ab² + b³. Which is then used in the older age ranges for this purpose, but also provides the foundation in the Childrens House.

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases through links on this page at no cost to you :)

The binomial cube itself isn't all that expensive, so if you do want to straight up buy it, I would recommend buying it here. I have no affiliation, it's just a brand I recommend and trust.

However if like me, you like the challenge of a DIY, and maybe the budget friendliness of making it yourself then here is where you will find all the measurements, dimensions and how to make a binomial cube yourself!

Now I already had different strips and blocks of wood around from a set my husband received from his birthday so I didn't have to source any wood.

But here are the dimensions/measurements/cuts you will need. How you source them is up to you!

Wood dimensions

1 Cube - 1"x1"x1"

3 Rectangular prisms - 1"x1"x2"

1 Cube - 2"x2"x2"

3 Rectangular prisms - 2"x2"x1"

These are measurements I couldn't find anywhere, everywhere just gave me the mathematical equation and if you're not good at math, this will hopefully make it much easier to get the right dimensions.


I used this set of acrylic paints to paint our binomial cube, but you could use spray paint or any other paint of choice.

The 1" Cube-All blue (I used Ultramarine from the set)

1"x1"x2" rectangular prisms x3 - Ends in Blue (Ultramarine) Sides in Black.

The 2"x2"x2" Cube - All Red (I used a mix of Crimson red & Vermillion)

2"x2"x1" rectangular prisms x3 - 2" sides in Red, 1" strip in Black

That's it!

Once you have the right cuts of wood, and you've painted them you have a binomial cube.

Now if you want to make the box, you can. However I didn't I just drew the top down view of the binomial cube on a piece of paper for reference and it works just fine!

I believe Montessori is for everybody, I want to help everyone bring a little more Montessori into their homes and lives.

Montessoraus mama. x

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