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DIY Montessori continent globe

The continent globe is a stable Montessori material. Whilst alone it isn't TOO expensive compared to some other Montessori materials, the costs add up regardless of what materials you're getting and when. This DIY option for the continent globe cost me less than £20 and if you already have a globe and acrylic paints it wouldn't cost you a thing!

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So firstly you will need the obvious, a globe. I ordered this one from Amazon as it was a metal frame, close in size to the Montessori one (16 cm if you were wondering, this one is 14cm) and was very affordable.

The next thing to acquire is acrylic paints and some FINE brushes. There is some very small details on our globe that you need to include, so having fine brushes is a must. I ordered this set of paints and 3 brushes. I did not need any other paints, extra colours or extra brushes than what was in this pack.

The colours for the continents are specific. The colours will carry through future materials and continent work so it's important they are right. Here's the colour list.

Water is Blue

Europe is Red

Asia is Yellow

Africa is Green

North America is Orange

South America is Pink

Australia is Brown

Antarctica is White

So to start with I painted ALL the water. using the cobalt blue from the set. I first did all of the borders around the continents and with the finest brush from the set, and then used the biggest one to fill it all in. Don't do that.

The big brush honestly makes it look streaky and I preferred the effect of filling in with the medium brush. That's what I did for all future colours and layers.

Once you have all the water blue (and don't forget the little islands and such in the continents) Then it's up to you which order to do the continents it I started with Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia, Asia then Antarctica last.

The colours I used from the set were

Cobalt blue for the Water

Crimson Red for Europe

Lemon Yellow for Asia

Emerald green for Africa

Crimson Red & Lemon Yellow for North America

Crimson Red & Titanium white for South America

Raw Umber for Australia

Titanium white for Antarctica

Asia is the HARDEST! closely followed by Europe. They have so many little islands and small details they were the hardest for me and took the longest. Africa and Australia were the easiest and simplest. So do with that what you will.

Once I had done all the continents and they were dry-ish, as acrylics get dry enough pretty quickly, I then put a second coat on all the continents. Made sure each bit was well covered and I didn't miss any little details.

Then I went back over the water to fill in edges around the land parts and do the second coat of paint.

That is it! I'm still debating weather to seal it with PVA or not so I'll let you know when I come to that decision!

All in all it took 3 of my evenings, a small bit of money and A LOT of patience with the smaller details. It is not perfect but it is good enough for me and I'm happy with it!

I believe Montessori is for everybody, I want to help everyone bring a little more Montessori into their homes and lives.

Montessoraus mama. x

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