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Jacksons Shelfies Age 3-4

This post is for all of our shelfies that we post on Instagram along with all the links to materials and products!

There are a few items where I have linked to similar items if I haven't been able to get links to the ones we have. Also DIY materials will link to purchasable options as well as any relevant blog posts about how I made the DIY's. Some are gifted or second hand and I don't know where they are from!

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases through links on this page at no cost to you :)

Quick Links

3 years 0 Months

3 Years 0 Months

Note: This is a post birthday shelfie and not a WHOLE lot of observing went on!

  1. DIY Colour tablets-Free printable-Sensorial- Jax does know all the colours but he’s still struggling with differentiating pink and purple.

  2. Construction car-Practical life/Imaginative play-Jax has been obsessed with taking things apart and then fixing them so this was a winning birthday present!

  3. Animal matching tiles-Language-These are for Jax to learn lots more animals and because he loves matching currently!

  4. Knobless cylinders-Sensorial-These are to help Jax work on visual discrimination and patterns

  5. Magnatiles-Open ended/Imaginative play- These may as well be a permanent fixture at this point, we just don’t tire of them in this house.

  6. Tap art board-Fine Motor/Hand eye coordination-Jax loves hammering and set allows him to hammer as well use more fine motor for the shapes and pins

  7. RC Monster truck-Gross motor/Hand eye coordination-This gets Jax’s running around and requires a lot of brain work to control it, he also just loves this thing!

  8. 8 hand bells-Music-Jax is still strongly in his sensitive period for music and is LOVING these bells they’re a little twist on the normal 8 note Montessori bells!

  9. Sandpaper letters/large movable alphabet name(DIY)-Jax is really interested in reading letters and writing them at the moment so I thought this might help his connection from the sandpaper letters to his small movable alphabet by using just his name

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