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Montessori at home 3-6 months

This post is going to give you all the activities and milestones you will come across doing Montessori at home with a 3-6 month old.

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In the first 3 months, your baby became alot more alert and aware of their environment. From 3-6 months, they are starting to work really hard on their hand eye coordination, grasping and mouthing, and building up their gross motor muscles to sit up and eventually crawl.


If you haven't already now is a really good time to introduce books. It's a really good bonding experience and will help the child with their visual and auditory senses. Books for this age need to be able to hold up to mouthing babies and should be very simple.

You don't want too much illustration or too many words. Books that are high in contrast are great for this age range as well as touch and feel books.

Grasping toys

As we discussed earlier right now your baby is focusing really hard working towards control of their hands grasping objects and bringing them to their mouth for sensory exploration. So providing different textured items that they can grasp and are safe to mouth is important.

Sensory balls, they are little balls with different textures and materials that babies of this age thoroughly enjoy to grasp, and mouth alike!

Wooden rattles are great because they are easy to grasp and having the noise helps their hand eye coordination a bunch! Also depending on the type of rattle if you have metal bells for example thats a whole new sensory experience for mouthing.

Very simple blocks. Little square or spherical blocks are great for them to grasp. And the difference shape can make them a challenging to mouth. These are all things a child can safely grasp and mouth. I'll link to some options below

Gross motor development

At this stage of development a lot of babies are rolling, reaching for their feet, building muscles to sit up and kicking more purposefully with their legs. In Montessori there is an emphasis on NATURAL gross motor development. Which means allowing them lots of floor time to move around and build their muscles.

Avoid using restraints and positioning them unnaturally. Bouncers, jumperoos etc. They take away time for the child to be building their gross motor skills. Putting your child into the sitting position also interferes with their natural ability to build the muscles and coordination to achieve it naturally at their own pace.

In terms of activities, a Montessori favourite for the 3-6 month age is a soft ball hanging off a play gym or the ceiling that the baby can bat and kick around. It's great for building up their muscles and coordination. But there's not much in terms of gross motor activites at this stage other than allowing them freedom to move.

A part of providing that freedom is creating a "Yes space" Where the child is safe and free to roam as they choose. Another element that you can control is clothing. Keeping it to a minimum to allow for full range body movements is ideal for their developing motor skills. You don't want clothes that restrict their movement.

Language development

Babies are fascinated by language. They love hearing what we say and watching how our mouths move so they can store it all away for when their body catches up with their brain.

At this age there's no real language work beyond yourself and their environment. Talk to them, talk about what's happening, what's around you, what you are doing, etc. Just talk. That is all you need to do to provide them with oral language at this age.

Also playing games like peek-a-boo and making silly noises are a great way to build up a two way communication before the child can verbally talk. Providing music is also a great activity, just don't make it too loud!

And that's about it! That's just about all we need to provide to a child of this age for them to naturally develop along their own timeline and reach their own milestones.

I believe Montessori is for everybody, I want to help everyone bring a little more Montessori into their homes and lives.

Montessoraus mama. x

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